Green Hills Mall opens to guests

GREEN HILLS, Iowa — Green Hills mall is now open to guests after more than two months of testing.The new mall opened Monday at the intersection of Stonebriare and Westbury avenues.Its first tenants are a chain of clothing stores called B-Rites and a restaurant called The Green Door.A parking lot is also planned for the mall.After nearly a year of […]

How to get a better deal at malls: A guide

How can you get a good deal on a mall?It’s a question that’s been posed to me by shoppers at all ages and from all walks of life.In this guide, we’ll answer it.If you don’t have time to answer this question, skip to the bottom of the article.1.Is there a deal?Mall shoppers can take a look around for the best […]

A huge, sprawling mall in Dublin is to be demolished

A huge mega mall is to close in Dublin next year after its developers failed to pay the building owners €2.2m in taxes.The Mall of Ireland (MIA) is the largest shopping mall in Europe, occupying an area the size of about 30 football fields.But despite the massive size of the project, the developers failed in court to pay taxes in […]

Which of these is the best new retail area in the U.S.?

The newest retail area is a new addition to the Roseville Mall, and it’s a gem.The Roseville Commons has a vibrant new retail element that is very unique, but it also has some pretty cool things going on inside. The Roseville Marketplace features a vibrant, vibrant food market and an innovative grocery store. It’s all in one space, and its really great. The […]

How the National Mall’s Annapolis Mall is a ‘fraud’

When Annapolis’ mall opened in 2009, it was touted as a place to “take the kids to a movie and a dance,” according to its website.It was also a popular destination for people who wanted to take a weekend to explore the Mall.But that was just the start.Today, the mall is a “fraud,” as it has been accused of stealing […]

When Is The End Of The Line For Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite?

IGN is now officially in the final stage of announcing that Marvel Vs.Capcom: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom Infinite will not be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at the end of June.This is the final nail in the coffin for Marvel Vs.’PlayStation 4/Xbox One line-up, and it’s not surprising as Sony has been on a massive tear with its […]

Arrowhead Stadium opens in 2021 as NFL’s biggest building

Arrowhead Arena, home of the New England Patriots, opened in 2021 to the delight of its tenants and fans.The indoor venue features the New York Knicks, the Cleveland Browns, the Washington Wizards and the New Orleans Saints.The team’s new home was the most expensive of the six venues to open.Arrowhead became the latest stadium in the league to open in […]

How to find the perfect city centre mall

Posted May 09, 2018 14:01:38 What to consider before you go shopping in Australia’s big city centres, and what to expect from a shopping trip in a major city, are some of the key questions to ask before you head to a city centre.Here are five of the top questions we’ve heard from shoppers and experts.What is a “City Centre […]

When Will Your Home Be Sold in Florida?

The first Florida home was built on October 12, 1820 in Stonecrest Mall, which today is the largest mall in Florida.The first home was purchased for $150,000 by the same woman as her husband, and they lived in Stone crescent Mall for the next 30 years.In 1901, the couple bought the Stonecrescent Mall home for $250,000.In 1930, they purchased the […]

Vintage Fair Mall will open in 2020

VILLAGE HILL, Ill.(AP) The grand opening of a new mall in suburban Illinois is just months away and organizers hope it will attract tourists, but the new mall will also help revive a once-sleepy town and revive a struggling economy.The Town of Village Hill is slated to open in 2021.It’s a $5.3 billion project that’s meant to revitalize a sleepy, […]

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