When it comes to big cities, the mall is king

EIGHT YEARS AFTER THE GREAT DAD SMASH, NEW YORK CITY’S MALL IS THE NEW WORLD CITY.It’s been one of the best-loved tourist destinations in the world for more than 60 years.But the city’s iconic skyline has also become an expensive liability, a magnet for thieves, scammers and other misfits.“The mall has become a playground for thieves,” said Brian Leavitt, author […]


New Jersey Gov.Chris Christie, the Republican candidate for governor in 2018, announced Wednesday that Jersey Gardens Mall in New York City will be shut down.Christie said the mall will be sold and used as a “satellite retail center.”Christie said it will also be a “supercenter” for other businesses and will have “more space for outdoor seating.”Christie also announced that the […]

How to watch Westfield Mall’s new new shopping centre

Westfield mall in Melbourne’s west has unveiled a new shopping center, a large outdoor deck and a new restaurant.Westfield Mall is opening the new retail complex, called Oakridge Mall, in a project to create more jobs and economic activity.The project is part of a broader strategy to attract and retain staff from outside the local community, the mall said.“Oakridge Mall […]

Which of these is the best new retail area in the U.S.?

The newest retail area is a new addition to the Roseville Mall, and it’s a gem.The Roseville Commons has a vibrant new retail element that is very unique, but it also has some pretty cool things going on inside. The Roseville Marketplace features a vibrant, vibrant food market and an innovative grocery store. It’s all in one space, and its really great. The […]

How to make your own space in a condo or townhouse

The next generation of homeowners is going to want to take advantage of a whole new space-saving concept that promises to make it easier for them to live closer to their jobs.As it turns out, the idea of being able to rent a space out in the country has never been easier.The idea of a space-sharing program for homeowners is […]

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